Installation Instructions

Installation is very simple and contains adding a javascript link to every page of your site and to the conversion page (conversion tracker).

The script link that needs to appear on every page is as follows:

  <!-- Voiceable tag -->
  <script defer type="text/javascript" 

If you are using Google Tag manager you can install the following custom tag as explained here:

  <!-- Voiceable gtag -->
  <script type="text/javascript"> var t,s;s=document.createElement("script"); 
  s.src ="";
  s.type="text/javascript"; s.defer=true;
  t.parentNode.insertBefore(s, t);

where YOUR_CLIENT_CODE is your custom indicator and will be provided to you by Voiceable.

In addition it is required to install a conversion tracker. This way the assistant can learn about successful journeys and provide more value to similar users in the future.
To install a conversion tracker please see following documentation:​

  • Shopify
    1. Open Admin page of your Shopify.

    2. Go to "Settings" (lower right corner) -> "Checkout"
    3. Scroll to "Additional scripts" and add the script link as shown above
    4. Press Save

    See more information here

  • BigCommerce: The script should be added to the conversion tracking box, as described here

Please let us know if you have any questions


Voiceable's support team